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Madison Park Front Yard

The old front yard was an overplanted hedge of mismatched trees and shrubs. It was overgrown and blocking the light from the front lawn. We removed everything but a few mature trees & shrubs and installed a new retaining wall to expand the usable area. Pennsylvania Bluestone stepping stones were added to provide access through the beds and around the side of the house. The yard has been transformed into a cheery, colorful, low-maintenance space. 

Ballard Front & Back Yard

The owners of this property are both working artists, and their tired old landscaping wasn't reflecting their vibrant personalities. Not to mention, the old concrete pathway & stairs were becoming a safety hazard! So with the help of some amazing craftsmen we completely demo'd the old front yard and brought in 20+ yards of soil to raise the grade. There is now a gradual sloping pathway leading up to a beautiful new wooden deck in front. We also built a basalt rock retaining wall in the back yard to replace the failing one. A colorful mixture of trees, shrubs & perennials provides year-round interest & beauty. 

Queen Anne Front Yard

This yard had huge potential but was literally buried under a layer of Astroturf! We came up with a design tailored to fit this family's active lifestyle. A new Azek deck provides lots of space for entertaining. Landscape lighting creates a festive mood and accentuates the varied textures of the new plants we installed. The new fence mirrors the simple Craftsman style of the house, and we re-used the existing flagstones to create a beautiful walkway leading to the deck. The result is a fun yet elegant yard that'll serve this growing family for years to come.

Queen Anne Back Yard

When we arrived, the back yard was a muddy, overgrown, and dangerously sloping mess after years of neglect by the previous owner. The new owners needed a kid-friendly, low maintenance backyard with ample space to entertain guests. We leveled out the space by installing new retaining walls, stairs and three new paver patios. Shade-tolerant plants were installed and a new drainage system went in underneath the patios. This backyard has been transformed into an outdoor retreat for friends and family alike. 

Container Design

Containers are a fun way to celebrate the changing seasons. We provide container design & seasonal color installations for both residential & commercial clients. Our extensive knowledge of proven plant varieties will ensure your pots look vibrant and attractive all throughout the year. 

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